We create the future
of LatAm

Investing and co-founding startups with the best talent

A unique model that combines IT know-how, Venture Capital best practices and amazing founders.

IT Know-How

Support from a company with over 15 years of experience building software solutions and technology consultancy projects, through a network of high qualified talent from all over LatAm, and a valuable source of technology use cases that provide knowledge to the startups.

Venture Capital Best Practices

The founding team are all seasoned entrepreneurs with experience in building scalable startups. Incorporating Angel Investing know-how, using specialized methodologies to support the growth through smart capital.

Amazing Co-Founders

We focus on co-creating and building business ideas sourced from our high quality network, partnering with ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs that combines experience in LatAm and a long term vision with an impact purpose

Our Startups

A Digital Art platform that uses the metaverse as an extension of the physical world through blockchain technology, protecting and promoting art from LatAm

One of the largest entrepreneurial community hub within the region. Creating quality content about startups and venture capital in Latam 

Growth capital for SMEs with recurring revenue models, providing access to non-dilutive financing through an AI scoring model

An AI startup founded by PhD  Stanford Alumni, that reimagines the understanding of human behavior through an AI-powered learning platform

Startups Latam Fest 2022

Organized one of the largest ecosystem events in the region, gathering founders, entrepreneurs, corporates and investors from all over Latin America.

Early Recognition Chiletec

Recognized by the main association of Chile’s technology companies, as the most innovative and impactful project of 2022.

Collaboration with Georgetown University

Selected to be one of the case studies for the “Global Business Experience” by MBA students from Georgetown University, validating our startup building process and fundraising strategies to scale the model in Latin America.

Levannta's Success

Successfully launched one of the first fintech focused in providing growth capital to recurring revenue businesses in Latin America.

Exhibition Curo.art

Created an NFT art gallery through a digital platform that enable artists to publish and trade their art through a marketplace, and democratizing access to art through services based on the blockchain.

Track Record: Building and Investing

George Cargill

CEO & Co-Founder

  • IT & CyberSec entrepreneur
  • Co-Founder & CFO of Orion
  • Angel Investor, Mentor
  • Managing Partner of Angels VC
  • 1 company exit (Orion)

Fernando Oliver

Co-Founder & Partner

  • Director & Cofounder of Option
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Board Member
  • Startup builder
  • 1 company exit (GuruContact)

Raimundo Page

Co-Founder & Partner

  • CEO & Cofounder of Option
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Country Manager of emBlue
  • VP of IT association
  • 1 company exit (GuruContact)


We co-build companies with our own talented and multidisciplinary team, providing hands-on support in areas such as: IT/ Product Development, Culture & Talent, Legal, Branding & Marketing, Administration/Operations and Funding.

René Cuadra

Legal Manager

Felipe Duhalde

Venture Manager

Pedro Oliva


Ignacio Fernández

Venture Designer


Our Startups benefit from knowledge and advice provided by a network of a variety of experts that are able to connect with founders according to their focus. 

Andrés Cargill

Tech Evangelist & Co- Founder of Orion.
Investor, entrepreneur, mentor and Angel Investor.

Laura Chicurel

Founder & CEO of Innova360.
Corporate Innovation expert, mentor and entrepreneur.

Juan Elías

CEO of YAPO.cl.
Strategy, Classifieds and Marketplace Advisor

Francisco Mardones

Managing Director of Evernote.
Seasoned IT Manager and Corporate Advisor.

Cristián Tala

Fintech Entrepreneur. Founder of PagoFacil (acquired by BCI Bank).
Mentor, investor and fundraising strategist

Karim Touma

Chief Data & Analytics Officer @ Falabella.com
and experienced Analytics & Data regional leader
and strategist.

Ale Winter

Innovation and Community lead in CIC Miami
and founder of the first innovation lab in Chile

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